13 Dec 2011

Quickies of Today

The hunt for the Higgs boson continues: even though scients are closer now to figuring out the exact mass of the elusive particle, its discovery is still far off. Go Science!

Explaining how Carrier IQ Plus works: an in-depth explanation of the scope and capabilities of the IQ Plus mobile system. Recently the FBI has admitted to using Carrier IQ files for "law enforcement purposes". In short, a little known company has a piece of software installed on many, many mobile phones and many mobile networks that can track user locations, keystrokes, encrypted internet traffic etc. This information can be sent back to the network operator or even Carrier IQ's own servers. What is disturbing about this system is the amount of data about the user that can be collected without his/her knowledge or consent. When purchasing a mobile phone, you are not told you may be tracked or your personal internet traffic may be monitored, your passwords and keystrokes recorded etc. This is an infringement of personal privacy rights, but did we really expect them not to be monitoring us through our cellphones?

A new Trillion FPS camera has been developed: read all about it in the link below. This level of technology is simply mind-numbing.

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