11 Jan 2012

Star Wars vs Star Trek -- Skywalker vs Kirk -- Tomato vs Tomato

So this happened in the world of sci-fi fandom..

Then this...

Then this honorable diplomatic response...

And than good old Shat goes on and has it --wait for it-- shat on.


  1. It's amazing how they let their character personas bleed into their real life. Or maybe the directing was so shoddy that they had to, or were let act their respective characters as if they themselves were there. In other word, Shatner is every bit as "cowboy-esque" as Kirk, Carrie is just as "princess-y"as Leia, and George...well....George isn't much like Sulu, now is he?Then again, Sulu actually stared ina number of fan-film (for free) as well as guest starred in a number of Babylon 5 episodes (he played a psycop, a sort of secret police for telepaths; in my opinion he was 2 strudels short of a Landa, but that's just me). So my theory is at most, by my own admition, only 2/3 accurate. Then again, Kirk always struck me as too arrogant, ignorant and cocksure; As for Leia, her only contribution to the Rebelion was teasing solo enough to keep him interested in that "small rag-tag group of freedom fighters".
    those were my 2 cents on the matter