5 Apr 2012

10,000 Year Old Mammoth Found Perfectly Preserved!

They found Peaches!

In science-y news that make me happy in my manly bits, the BBC reported the discovery of a perfectly preserved, 10k year old baby mammoth. (link)

Now, usually when scientists use terms like „perfectly preserved”, I find they actually mean undamaged skeletons, or, as was the case of another frozen mammoth found a few years back, specimens that present stuff like hair and other non-bone materials.

No, this time it’s 100% preserved. Take a look at those pictures and feel free to comment „FAKE” as much as you want. That was my first reaction, but it’s genuine. See for yourself in the BBC video.

The remarkable hair color has been preserved

The specimen is a juvenile, aged 2 or 2 and a half years old, affectionately called Yuka by scientists. The ice has preserved its flesh, skin and strawberry blonde hair –even the trunk is intact!

Which can only mean one thing - THEY'VE FOUND PEACHES!

Peaches will apparently meet an untimely demise

According to BBC/Discovery scientists, forensic evidence suggests the mammoth has interacted with humans. And by interacted, they mean butchered: it appears the young animal died after breaking a leg, probably after being chased by predators, at which point humans took advantage of the free, fresh carcass and removed parts they could immediately use.

If that’s true, it will be the first mammoth to show confirmed interaction with humans.

If you want to learn more, stay tuned for Wooly Mammoth: Secrets of the Ice, airing soon on Discovery Channel. (link)
It's amazing to see skin folds and foot padding so well preserved

I only have one request to make. Sure, Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park gave us all a lot of high hopes and beautiful dreams, but this is a lot closer to reality than cloning dinosaurs.

Yes, scientists. I’m asking you to clone this baby mammoth and make a mammoth zoo. Clone the shit out of him. I want to see mammoths, and I want to take my kids to see mammoths.

In a way, that would be doing this little guy some poetic justice, or at least a poetic tribute. Many milennia ago, humans ate the little guy. His body survived in the ice, and if we clone him, it’ll be our tribute and thank you by bringing him back to life.

More on this.

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